Security, Identity, and Privacy Miniconf at 2020

Never has security been more in the news. Companies around the world know that they are going to have to prioritise identity and privacy within systems designs and processes, to ensure customers and clients are protected more than ever.

While laws like the GDPR give us guidelines and recommendations on best practices for data collection and storage, you need look no further than the Security, Identity, and Privacy Miniconf to level up your skills with talks and practical advice from professionals and thought leaders.

Event Details

Call for Sessions

We are taking submissions from those who want to share their stories on topics around security, identity, and privacy.

Submit via the LCA Submissions System

All times are Anywhere on Earth (AoE).

Tickets, Accommodation, and Financial Assistance

LCA miniconferences are community run events, and as such, everyone, including speakers, will be required to purchase a ticket. We are awaiting news of a Miniconf-only ticket option, and will update this page if one becomes available.

While we don't have a budget, we are happy to help identify sources of funding for speakers who need financial assistance.

What We're Looking For


Do you work in security? Are you a software developer who focuses on security, or are you a pen tester? Whatever you do, we all need to keep security in mind.

Whether you would like to talk about the OWASP Top 10, or demo a security testing tool, or write a virus, or show how you used the HaveIBeenPwned API... whatever it is, we want to hear about it.


Do you work in identity? Have you worked on a project recently that required you to manage users across disparate systems in one central spot? Identity is critical to pretty much every application today.

Whether you would like to talk about implementing an Identity as a Service Provider, or you've developed a system for verifying identities online, or you have opinions on how identity management can be made better... whatever it is, we want to hear about it.


Do you work with sensitive data? Do you work hard to protect yourself online? Privacy is the act of controlling what's public about you, not the absence of data about you, and it's of paramount importance for myriad reasons.

Whether you want to talk about managing your privacy and anonymity online, or how your organisation implemented the GDPR guidelines and recommendations, or ways that software companies can implement zero knowledge... whatever it is, we want to hear about it.


You can contact the Security, Identity, and Privacy miniconf organisers by emailing Ben Dechrai or sending Ben a DM on Twitter.